Our Facilities

Our hospital is equipped with the best and state of the art medical equipment to enable us provide timely and quality medical and healthcare services. 

State of the art delivery room

Our delivery room is designed to give you the best of birthing experience.

Recovery Room

A well equipped and manned recovery room is very important after every surgery. We provide nothing but the best with patient monitors.

Well designed consulting room

Consultation is the first step towards making a diagnosis. Our consulting rooms are designed to give you comfort and ease your tensions while having a consultation with any of our doctors.

Standard Theatre

We operate a standard and well equipped operating theatre that allows us perform simple and complex surgical procedures. 


The Resuscitaire is the ideal device to have during labor and delivery procedures. It combines an effective warming therapy platform along with the components you need for clinical emergency and resuscitation of the newborn. 


We have a fully operational and fully equipped ambulance on standby 247 for prompt movement of patients when the need arises. 

Dental Suite

Our dental unit boasts of the top notch dental equipment to take care of all your teeth problems and concerns.

Patient monitors

Patient monitors measure, record, distribute and display combinations of values such as heart rate, oxygen concentration, blood pressure, temperature and more. We use high-capability, multi-function monitors to ensure a high-level of quality patient care.

Cozy rooms

With a full complement of executive and semi-private wards, our wards are designed to give you the best comfort available while you recover. It is home away from home.